AAPVI is a support group for parents of children with visual impairments.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  The support group has members with children who range in age from under one year through senior in high school.  Other professionals in the field of blindness and low vision have approached the AAPVI President about becoming members of the support group.  Blind professionals working in their chosen fields have approached the AAPVI President about becoming a member.  AAPVI turns no one away.

AAPVI is a statewide support group.  Currently there are over 200 families that receive information on the activities of the group.  The governing body for AAPVI is in Birmingham and has been since 2008 when the Birmingham Chapter President at that time (David Hyche) was asked if he would agree to become the state president.  Since that time the Birmingham support group has been most active with coordinating group events and fund raising endeavors.  AAPVI believes that when parents are well informed about opportunities for their children, the children, in turn, receive additional benefits.  With the emphasis that our children are children first, before their visual disability, AAPVI provides a forum for information, access to experts in the vision field and as a support group for these families.